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Basic pricing subject to change depending on location and set up. Prices quoted are for the Denver metropolitan area.

Call 303-421-1319 or Email for pricing outside the Denver area.

(Pricing as of 2/08/10) Contract & Detail

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2 Track Live HD Digital

For Recitals & Live demos) $100.00 – 150.00 + $12.00 per premaster CD (1 hour program)

8 Track Remote Recording

Great for Acoustic, Folk or Jazz duos & trios percussion no Drumset) $150-200.00 + $20.00(tape cost)(1.5 hour program). Mix down – $35.00/hr.

16 Track Remote Recording

For 3-5 piece bands with 5pc. Drumset) with split from front of house or monitor position $4-500.00 + $40.00(tape/hour)(3 hour program). Studio Mix$35.00/hr. 24 Track remote (5-8 piece bands) with a front of house or monitor position split $6-700.00 + $60.00(tape/hour)(3 hour program). Mix time is $40.00/ hr.

32 Track Remote Recording

For big bands R&B, W.B. & orchestras. Also available with a front of house or Monitor position, split $1000.00 + $80.00(tape/hour) (3 hour program). Studio mix time is $50.00/ hr .

Longer program times increase price because of added media costs as well as staff time costs. Pricing for extra program time is as follows billed on the hour:
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  •   2 Tracks – $25/hr + Tape
  •   8 Tracks – $30/hr + Tape
  • 16 Tracks – $40/hr + Tape
  • 24 Tracks – $60/hr + Tape
  • 32 Tracks – $80/hr + Tape
If sync to video is needed, add $150.00 to the total price. Need more info? Contact us for a personalized audio consultation ! We can also provide small to large state of the art sound systems and staff for events if needed. Please email or call for pricing and availability regarding your music production.

Location Recording is all done Digitally!

Thanks for considering Colorado Mobile Recording!