Our Recording Studio

A – Control Room / Midi Room: Acoustically flat great for Mixing, Special Effects,& Mastering.
B – The Main Room-Acoustically setup for live ensemble recording & Vocal Overdubs.
C – The Drum & Percussion Room: Isolated 6 sided floating room with windows.
D – The Ambient Stair Well- Variable Room effect


(A-Z) (More and different also available if needed for special consideration)
1- AKG-D112 – Bass, Kick, dJembe/Conga bottom mic.(Cody)
2- AKG-391b – Superior condenser we use on Hi Hat & Acoustic guitar.
2- AKG-3000 – Studio Condensers do it all (especially nice on Percussion)
6- Audio Technica 3035 – Large diaphram condensers (Vocals, drum overheads, acoustic instruments)
1- Audio Technica 3031- super clean & accurate condenser, A high frequency specialist.
5- Audio Technica Pro-37r – Small condensers (Cymbals, Acoustic instruments)

2- Audio Technica AT891R – Boundary Mic (Revolutionary technology at it’s best)

3- Audix D2 – Tom mics (Cody)
1- Beyer M-88 – Horn/Bass/Vocal/Kick Mic.
2- Equitec E-100s a matched pair – (Great large diaphram condenser for Voice and acoustic instruments) 1- Electro Voice PL-9 – Omni directional Mic. (wonderful mic for capturing a live audience)

Neuman Goodness!

1- Neumann U87 – One of the most Natural & great sounding recording Mics ever made.(Acoustic & Vocals mmm… good)

U891 pic

Neumann U89i

3- Neumann U89 – Sooper smooth extremely flexible and responsive Vintage Mic (Powerful ooh lala)

4- Sennheiser-E604- Powerful Drum/Percussion and horn mics (Clarity with a bonus punch)
2- Shure BetaSM91 – Boundary condenser (Great for Acoustic Piano & Kick Drum)
5- SM57 – Dynamic Instrument/Vocal Mic (The Live expert).
8- SM58 – Dynamic Live Vocal Mic. (The Live expert)
2- Yamaha PZ101 – Great warm sounding dynamic Instrument Mics.


API/ATI Paragon 8MX2 Ultra Sweet 8 channel Mic Preamp/mixer with built in limitersFocusrite/Neve 428 4 channel super fidelity, sound versatility with Digital 192k option (the real deal pre)
4 channels of ATI M100 Ultimate Mic preamps (Old School True)(Cody)
16ch Soundcraft English Preamp (Cody).
Yamaha 8-channel keyboard line mixer with remote VCA control for midi key submix.

2-Yamaha O2R V2

(digital consoles loaded with 7-8channel ADAT direct digital cards).

  • Full Mix Automation
  • Total Scene Recall
  • 100mm Motorized Faders
  • Onboard Effects Library
  • Onboard EQ Library
  • Onboard Dynamics Library
  • 4 Band Parametric EQ
  • 40 total inputs
  • Flexible internal routing
  • 32 Bit Internal Signal Processing



1-Line 6 – Flextone II 100 watt stereo 2×12 modeling guitar amp. (Cody)
1-Line 6 – Flextone II XL 100 watt Stereo 2×12 with long board/tuner. (Denver)
2-Silvertone – 15 watt guitar amps.(Denver)


Peavey Kilo with 15inch cab Monster powered 1,000watt Bass rig with Korg toneworks inline tuner.(Denver)
Behringer – BXL 3000 300watt 15″ Tipback Bass Combo monitor with Comp/Limiter.(Cody)

Monitoring amps:

Phase linear 400 – 200watt/ch Reference amp. Used @ AirStream Mastering.(Denver)
Yamaha P2200 – Natural Sound monitor amp.(Denver)
Sony STR AV770 – Control room amp.


Ibanez Artwood 300 – Active Dreadnought 6 string acoustic, Mahogany with Spruce top.
Line 6 Variax- Modeling Electric Guitar…Plays like nice Fender Strat but has a limitless range of sound possibilities.

Keyboards & Modules:

Yamaha – Conservatory Baby Grand Piano.(Denver)
Yamaha – S80 88 note piano weighted key Studio Piano.(Denver)
Yamaha – Motif 6 (it sounds like mmm good).(Denver <-> Cody)
Yamaha – Motif 8 (it sounds like mmm good with 88 key true piano action).(Cody)
Ensoniq – ESQ-1 61 note Piano Controller & Work Station.(Control room keys Cody)
Emulator – Proteus 2000 128 note sound production machine (a 1000 patch library).
Korg – Triton Pro76
Korg – DW-6000 a programable digitally controlled analog synthesizer. (make your own sounds)
Korg X-5DR – Sampled sound module over 500 great useful sounds. 64 note polyphony.
LG-2000 – Custom made 2 octave midi mallet percussion instrument with real Musser action.
Roland D-110 – vintage multi timbrel keyboard module.

Drums / Percussion:


Yamaha Cherry Recording Custom 7 piece with Rims mounts (pinstripe heads & ). (sizes: 10t,12t,13t,14t,16t,22b)(old heads changed out on a regular basis)(Denver).
Yamaha Recording Custom 5 piece (sizes: 10t,12t,14t,22b)(old heads changed out on a regular basis)(Cody).

Snare Drums:

Ayotte 14X5 (Very loud Stainless Steel)ProSeries, 13×3 Dixon (maple), 14×8 Ludwig (chrome over wood), 14×5 Ludwig (aluminum aculite), Tama 14X4.5 (maple superstar with diecast hoops), 14X6.5 Yamaha Recording snare(birch/cherry).


Zildjian hats -(13″brilliant & 14″NewBeats), 14″ K crash, 8″ crash, Sabian- 10″ china, 21″ AA Dry Ride, Paiste 2002-20″ride, 18″crash, 16″crash. Chimes: solid rod single row.


CP Congas 11″ & 12″, GonBop Bongos, Remo 14″ Djembe & Stand, Remo Rototoms, Blue & Red block, 3 Cowbells, 2 Tamborines, Hawiian jungle sticks, 3 Rain sticks, Rosewood Claves, Paddle Castinets, Chinese reed instrument & more varieties of shakers than seems necessary.


Sonar 7 Producer DAW software/ MOTU 2408 MKIII & MKII 48 Track 24 bit hard disk recording system.
2*- ADAT XT & 20 Digital Multitrack machines. *(More Available if necessary)
2*- Tascam DA-88 Digital 8-Track Machines. *(More Available if necessary)
1 – Panasonic SV 3800 Dat machine.
2-MasterLink 24bit CD Mastering recorders.
2-DVD Multi-format 4g burner
2-TEAC CDR Recorders with Sonic Foundry’s Sound Forge & CD Architect Software.
1-Tascam 202 mkIII Hi-Pro dual well cassette recorder.
2- Technics dual well record cassette tape machines.
Atari/Sonus & Edit Track midi recording & score writing system.
Ensoniq ESQ-1 8-track Midi work station.
Sony Hi-Fi VCR (used for rehearsal recording)


2- Yamaha NS 10m Studio Monitors (the Industry Standard)
2- DCC Studio monitors with 8 inch woofers/1.5 inch tweeters (Similar to Meyers HD-1)
1- DCC 12 inch DVC Subwoofer for mixing that extra Punch.
2- Event TR8s Studio Monitors (Cody)
2- Yamaha 15-inch 400 watt 2-way stage monitors (Flown) to get that live stage feel in the main room.
1- 18-inch subwoofer for that big LIVE bass drum punch in main room.

Compressors & Gates:

TC Electronics – Triple C multiband compressor (for Mixdown)
Waves DirectX – Software comps,gates,expanders,companders…all the ers.
ATI-8mx2 – Audiophile quality 8ch limiter
DBX-160 – Vintage compressor /limiter

dbx160 pic

dbx160 Compressor

The Vintage DBX 160 Compressor/Limiter truly old school with a timeless character & sound. – www.wikirecording.org

Urei-7110 – Studio standard compressor/limiter. (used mainly for tracking phat Bass)
Yamaha-O2R – 32ch of onboard expanders/gates/compressor/etc.


ART Multiverb III – Multi effects great for Stereo imaging effects.
2-Lexicon LXP-15 – Great Reverbs!
2-TC Electronics D2 Stereo Delay.
2- TC Electronics M1s – Dual Stereo Multi effect, they do it very well.
2- Lucid Super Clocks – no jitter digital system reference clocks for Rock Solid digital performance.

1- TC Electronics Helicon Quintet
1-Roland SDE-2500 – Digital Tap Delay with Chorus
4-Yamaha SPX 990s – built into O2R Console.
1-Yamaha SPX 90 – Multi effects processor good for drums, percussion and retro Vocals.


Yamaha 32channels of 4 band True Parametric.
Yamaha GQHR 1031 & 2031 – 31 band graphics.


56 Fender Lap Steel (Stock)
Ibanez AW100 CE-NT Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Cutaway w/Fishman Sonicore setup.


2- Countryman Active Direct boxes

4- ProCo DB1
1- Korg DTR-2 Chromatic instrument tuner
2- Korg CA30 Multi-instrument tuner
2- Sony CD players
2- 8 channel Midi Patchbays
32ch 1/4″ Audio Patchbay